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First Firstmoon

Lilliaal posted Nov 9, 17

Please visit the thread for more information

Going Public

Lilliaal posted Oct 30, 17

So we've had a month to rest and polish things up, and it's high time to start advertising the the public. You can help us out a lot by voting at the following locations.





Taking Stock

Lilliaal posted Sep 24, 17

Thank you everyone who turned out to launch day, i had a lot of fun. However, it's clear to me that there is still a lot to set up. I am considering this a Beta launch, and when it feels solid, we'll start advertising. The server is still open for roleplay (which helps us test!) and I encourage you to come, if nothing else, to take a look at the city.

Opening Soon

Lilliaal posted Sep 22, 17
Hello Lysera!
We're opening the server tomorrow at 8am EST, or Neoseli 4th. From this point on, Tyrus runs in real time with a new dawn every four hours. Please check out the calender on the main menue bar, as it will indicate how the in game time corresponds to real time.
When you first log in, you will spawn in a ship at Tyrus's port. Type /chl to see the channel list, then /ch [channel] to switch between them the ranges are;
Shout: 30
Talk: 15
Quiet: 5
Whisper: 1
As you go out and explore, please keep in mind it is a freshly built city. A lot of the houses are empty, and I would appreciate ignoring the mild mismatch between the visuals and the lore. We're working hard to chisel in those details, but I'm certain there will always be things to improve. :)
Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us get this far, it's hard to believe after years of effort we can finally roleplay on Lysera.

Hype train

Lilliaal posted Sep 10, 17

ohemGEEEE guys we're gonna launch in less than two weeks on September 23rd!

Please get your whitelist apps in if you want to be there for launch day

Also, Free put up a roleplay thread and I would like to encourage everyone to get involved :D

Mystilik_Mew Be sure to ask for character help if you need it! Reach out to us on our Discord!